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ID Badges:
Can't live with them - can't work without them!

ID badges are certainly nothing new in our hustle-bustle world, but there was a time when they were limited mostly to conventions, big parties, and high-security government facilities. Nowadays identification badges are common not only in these environments, but in most workplaces and even hospitals and schools as well. Whether you're a student or employee, if you're not carrying around a plastic security badge with your name and photo on it, you're unlikely to gain access to where you want to go. These little custom name badges that we sometimes take for granted, offer us a form of security which has become critical in a world where personal safety and wellbeing is taken very seriously.

How to ensure badge wearing compliance...

The number one complaint employers have is that their folks do not consistently wear their badges at all times. The top 3 reasons why an employee hates to wear an ID badge are:

  1. They don't like the way their picture turned out!
  2. There is no convenient way to carry them around.
  3. There is no "penalty" for not having it - so why bother?

When you think about it, the underlying reasons why employees conveniently "forget to wear" or are continuously "losing" their id badges can very easily be corrected. Below are many solutions to ensure your employees wear their id badges:

  • Let employees know well in advance what day their pictures will be taken. It's a well known fact that people like to look good in their ID photo!
  • Advise employees what colors to avoid wearing so that their photo does not blend in or contrast with the background you are using.
  • Take two photos and let them choose the one they like best. It's a small gesture that has a huge impact on how the employee feels about wearing their id badge.
  • Provide lanyards and reel clips to help them carry their badges securely.
  • Provide a source for cool lanyard choices so they can purchase something unique if they would like something special (beaded, retractable reels, magnetic, leather, etc.).
  • Charge your employees a replacement fee if they lose their badge. You would be surprised how many employees "find" their badge when they find out it will cost them something to replace it!

Making sure all company employees understand the importance of wearing a badge and that it is just as much for their personal safety as it is to protect the company should be your number one focus. Encourage your staff to question anyone who is not wearing a badge and to report suspicious behavior immediately.


I hope that helped!


Jesse Appell, Keynote Speaker


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