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Types of ID Badge Supplies Available

ID badge supplies help you to get the accessories you need in order to wear the identification card you need for work or volunteer purposes. Some of the name badge supplies you can have include:

  • Lanyards for wearing the card around your neck
  • Wrist straps so you can have the card on your arm
  • Retractable reels and clips that attach to your belt or pocket

Different types of accessories

Even within these categories there are divisions in the types of badge accessories you can have for your ID cards. For example, with lanyards you can have:

  • Lanyards imprinted with designs or the company logo
  • Round nylon lanyard
  • Flat nylon lanyard
  • Neck chains and beads

ID badge clips are very convenient because you don't have to have the lanyard dangling in your way each time you bend down to pick something up. With these retractable clips, they hold the card in place with a clothespin style snap. They are attached to a reel that you snap onto your belt or your pocket and when you need to show the card, you just pull it out on the stretchy cord on the reel. It automatically springs back into place when you let it go.

You can have heavy-duty reels and brightly colored ones. For identification cards that are not laminated you can also purchase laminated pouches to keep the cards in good condition and if you work in several locations that each require different ID cards, you can have an ID card holder for multiple cards.

Order Your Badge Accessories Online

Getting the accessories you need for your badges is as close as your computer. Online retailers can supply you with all the accessories you need for your badges. These retailers accept company and school orders and will set up a 30-day account if you need it.


News n' Info

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