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Photo ID Badges - The Norm Since September 11

Photo ID badges have really become the norm for any location where there is a need for security. Prior to September 11, they were mainly used by a company in high security office buildings, airports and with law enforcement agencies, but mainly as a means of admittance to areas off-limits to the general public. Now, most schools and businesses require employees to have custom badges containing each one's picture, name and signature.

Where to get employee ID badges

Companies or schools that need to have a picture ID for their employees have many options when it comes to getting these cards. Online retailers can provide you with many different types of ID cards, such as:

  • Plastic cards that won’t bend or melt
  • ID cards with chips in them that open doors
  • Cards that have magnetic strips on the back
  • Cards encased in a leather holder

Each of these includes a picture of the person. Upon entering the building to go to work each day, the employee has to show the identification card to the security official before he/she gains entrance. Often the employee has to go through a screening check similar to what you step through at the airport or sign in at the security desk. Some of these cards work like your debit card - you have to swipe them to open the door in order to enter the building. The card contains the information regarding your employee status.

When you order your company identification badges online you realize many benefits:

  • Order at any time
  • Send the pictures as attachments
  • Quick turnaround time
  • No equipment to purchase
  • No extra work for secretary printing out badges
  • Fantastic prices

There are also many different types of accessories you can have for the name cards, such as lanyards and clips to make it easier for the employees to always have their identification handy.


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