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School ID badges for students and staff

Of all the places where people have to wear ID badges, schools are unique, because they're places of employment as well as places of education -- so both staff and students wear school ID badges. Public schools are especially large consumers of plastic identification cards, for both security and information tracking, and a student is generally issued one as soon as they come onto campus. The staff carries them too, so no one is left out, from the principal right on down to the janitor. That being the case, it's not only necessary to have plenty of cards on hand and be sure to stock lots of student and teacher badge holders and such, too.

Beep, beep, beep

School security/identification cards used to be nothing more than a plastic rectangle with a photo and personal information on the front, and maybe some data encoded on a magnetic strip in the back. These days, however, some students and staff can count on having to wear a little radio-tracking device in their identification cards, which counts their presence on a computer as soon as they enter a classroom. Isn't modern life grand?

Wear that card

School ID cards are meant to be carried at all times, so it's easiest to put them on lanyards so they can be hung around staff and student necks. And therein lies an opportunity for solidarity! You can order custom school lanyards and teacher lanyards for great prices, complete with the school logo and campus mascot. With these decorative items, students and their teachers can be reminded on a daily basis that they're part of something bigger.


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In our regimented world, ID badges are as common as leaves in a forest. Join us for a little ride, and we'll give you the 411 on all types of badges, from prehistory to far into the future.


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School ID badges for students and staff
School ID badges have been in use for years, but now they're going high-tech -- some even have tracking devices.


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