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ID Badge Holders: The hot must have accessory

Today's ID badge holders are a varied as the reasons people carry them! A name badge holder can come in different textures as well as a range of colors and styles. Why make do with a plain lanyard or strap, when you can get a stylish looking holder for your badge that actually matches or compliments your attire? There is nothing worse than trying to dress for success and then having to hang an ugly plastic ID badge around your neck. Then add insult to injury by using a chain that looks like it came from your ceiling fan pull! Look no further - we're here to help you spice up your ID card wardrobe.

Hot badge holder styles

ID badge clips for clipping your badge to your pocket or collar are one tried-and-true way, but there's so much more. Some of the holders you can get include:

  • Clear vinyl holders
  • Leather holders
  • Beaded lanyards
  • Magnetic badge holders
  • Holders that pin onto your shirt
  • A strap around your arm with the badge attached
  • Retractable reels or badge pulleys

And why not make your co-workers jealous with your own snazzy personalized retractable reel? These badge pulley gizmos can be had for a likeable price and few badge accessories are as handy or popular. All you have to do when you come to one of those magnetic security locks is pull out your card, swipe it, and it reels itself back up. It never leaves your possession. Pretty cool, eh?


News n' Info

In our regimented world, ID badges are as common as leaves in a forest. Join us for a little ride, and we'll give you the 411 on all types of badges, from prehistory to far into the future.


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