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Magnetic Name Badge - For your magnetic personality!

A magnetic name badge is the number one choice for people who do not want to wear a lanyard around their neck or use pins to attach their identification badges to their clothing. Id badges with magnetic backs are extremely popular with men because they usually have the best place to attach them to -- their shirt pockets. No matter how you wear it an id badge is a must for those of us who are part of a big organization, whether it's a company or a school.

Magnetic, plastic or leather - it's all good

We all know that an ID badge is useless unless it is worn where it can be seen. So, if it's something you wear, it'll inevitably be accessorized. After all, you've got to do something to offset that mug shot photo you're stuck with. You can certainly spice up that dull holder with a cool magnetic badge holder, or add on a snazzy plastic reel that retracts your badge when you snap it out to unlock that security door. You can get custom accessories complete with your name or the company logo. In fact, branded badge accessories are especially good as company giveaways for employees.

Tracking your identity

Name badges aren't just IDs anymore -- they're tiny custom databases. Those magnetic stripes on the back of the cards can be packed with all the information a company or school needs to not only identify its own, but also to track benefits, length of service, security clearance (as necessary), you name it. Information technology is growing faster than most people can keep up with it, but that's a good thing for those who need to keep track of employees and students and even credit card users.


News n' Info

In our regimented world, ID badges are as common as leaves in a forest. Join us for a little ride, and we'll give you the 411 on all types of badges, from prehistory to far into the future.


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