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School ID Badges
Security for Students & Staff

School ID badges are a necessity in this day and age where security is paramount. These must have items help ensure the safety of students as well as teachers and other staff members. Of all the places where people have to wear ID badges, schools are unique, because they're places of employment as well as places of education. Public schools and college campuses are large consumers of these well known plastic identification cards, for both security and information tracking. Teacher badge holders are utilized by all staff and faculty members because no one is exempt when it comes to school security.

IDs & magnetic security information - a good combo!

School security/identification cards used to be nothing more than simple plastic cards with or without a photograph. Most students carry them in their pockets or backpacks when on campus. Today's identification cards have sophisticated magnetic stripes on the back that carry all sorts of information about the wearer. The mag stripe is like a mini-computer that can be set up to tracks things like:

  • Library books
  • Meal allowances
  • Attendance
  • Grades
  • Course registrations
  • Student discounts

Wear your ID with pride

Instead of viewing badge wearing as an annoyance, why not elect to show off your school colors and/or name with a cool lanyard or badge holder? You're sure to find a great selection of teacher lanyards and school lanyards in the latest styles to show your school spirit!


News n' Info

In our regimented world, ID badges are as common as leaves in a forest. Join us for a little ride, and we'll give you the 411 on all types of badges, from prehistory to far into the future.


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