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Buyers Guide
BadgeSuppliesInc.com is pleased to offer you this buyer's guide for all your badge and badge accessory needs.


Employee ID Badges
Employee ID badges are increasingly common, especially in high-tech companies worried about security.


ID Badge Holders
We have an excellent selection name badge holder accessories in the latest styles.


ID Badge Supplies
We have the absolute best selection of ID badge supplies. Every kind of name badge supplies, lanyards, blank cards, plastic holders and retractable reels.


ID badges :: Can't live with them - can't work without them!
ID badges are a security necessity. Read the Top 3 reasons why most employees don't like to wear an identification badge - you'll be surprised!


Magnetic Name Badges
Looking for a magnetic name badge? We carry a great selection of identification badges in all styles for employee, schools, etc.


Photo ID Badges
Photo ID badges are the number one choice for custom badges in our ever changing security-conscious world.


School ID Badges
Order your School ID badges from an excellent selection of teacher and school themed holders, lanyards and much more.


Badges? - We Don't Need No Steenking Badges! - Or Do We?

Before There Were Badges

The Secret Origins of Badges

Badges Through the Ages

Badges of Dishonor

Lawmen and Tin Stars

ID Badges

Security Features of Modern Badges

Magnetic Strips and How They Work

Biometric Badges

To Infinity, and Beyond -- The Far Future of Badges


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ID badge holders and other accessories



News n' Info

In our regimented world, ID badges are as common as leaves in a forest. Join us for a little ride, and we'll give you the 411 on all types of badges, from prehistory to far into the future.


Feature Articles

School ID badges for students and staff
School ID badges have been in use for years, but now they're going high-tech -- some even have tracking devices.


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